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Etangs d’art, Sculpture Festival - ‘The Saw’
This annual sculpture festival invites 10 artists from around the world to create sculptures in the lake and river locations in the Pays de Broceliande area of Brittany. The sculptures are displayed from July to September, further information can be found at:

The invention of tools gave humans an advantage over their environment and other
animals, from those early beginnings things have changed rapidly.
In Celtic times symbolic 'tools' were cast into lakes and rivers as votive offerings to the
gods as a prayer, wish or in gratitude, the water being seen as a gateway to the
Many of the worlds territories have boundaries determined by rivers, a precise line being
chosen along the 'thalweg' - the deepest channel.
However, the fluid nature of water exists in a different realm, sometimes maps show wiggly
boundary lines which wander away from and rejoin a meandering river, reminding that
nature has its own priorities.
The paradox remains of this giant saw made from wood and the thought of cutting water.

'Seesaw Margery Daw
Jack shall have a new master
He shall earn but a penny a day
Because he can't work any faster'

Children's nursery rhyme said to have origins from an old sawyers song.

Photographer: Pascal Glais

Photographer: Pascal Glais
The Saw took part in 'The Secret Light Garden' at Picton Castle near Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. More information on this magical annual event can be viewed at

Photographer: Helen Newall

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