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The brief from

Education and outreach models

• Working water model

3d robust functioning model that shows a range of infrastructure that is in place in the Avalon Marshes to manage water levels throughout the area. The model will need to show rhynes (ditches) and rivers and this could be through an actual representation of a section of the area or an interpretation of it.
The water structures will need to work in a similar manner to their full sized equivalents and with-stand regular use by school-children and the public. Structures could include:

o Locks
o Pumping station
o Gravity drain
o Water barriers
o Gripes

The model will need to actually hold water with the structures working. It will also need to show movement from fields to water bodies and back using the structures.
Finally, the model needs to be portable by two people and fit within a medium sized car. Damage resistance is essential during storage, so the model should be self-protective or come in a suitable storage container.
I evolved a design;


After a few modifications I began constructing the model in marine ply and acrylic and with the lettering cnc routed and sluice gates 3D printed by MBfinearts.The model was put through it’s paces by a local testing team.

the model was part of an interpretation project managed by Red Kite Environmental consultants and was funded by the National Heritage Lottery with support in kind from in the form of ‘Plui’ rainclouds

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