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Millpond Outdoor Classroom, Pembroke.
In a project initiated by Jo Brookman of Pembroke 21c Community Association we worked with the Gypsy Traveller ‘Priory Project’ in Monkton to design and carve an outdoor
classroom / seating area to be sited near Barnard’s Tower at the eastern end of Pembroke Millpond.

This is a conservation area and much work has been done to create a pond dipping area and provide an accessible educational resource.

It is constructed in Oak and features carved images of wildlife that can be seen there and a central table that is aligned to the compass points North, East, South and West.
The project involved both the children and teaching staff whose enthusiasm and hard work has led on to a further carving project with them to create a bench for the garden area at the School.

This project was funded by the Communities First Trust Fund and officially opened with pond dipping sessions involving Grove School, Monkton School and the Priory Project.

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